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Taft Information Technology High School Popular
Taft Information Technology High School
2014/10/30 21:53  Submitter: mbeck (Article list) [ 2725hit ]
At Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School, a 2010 Blue Ribbon School, we believe that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Students are educated in a caring, nurturing environment and are given many opportunities to succeed.
ZIP code45214
Address420 Ezzard Charles Dr, Cincinnati, OH
West End Community Council Popular
West End Community Council
2014/10/30 22:54  Submitter: mbeck (Article list) [ 3350hit ]
The West End Community Council is run by volunteers and organized for charitable and educational purposes. The mission of the organization is to improve the quality of life within the community by empowering the community and organizing it into a recognizable voice. The Community Council is recognized by the City of Cincinnati as the residents' planning, policy and implementation organization.
ZIP code45205
AddressP.O. Box 14424, Cincinnati, OH, 45205
Hays-Porter Elementary School Popular
Hays-Porter Elementary School
2014/10/30 23:00  Submitter: mbeck (Article list) [ 4496hit ]
Telephone number513.363.1000
Fax number513.363.1020
ZIP code45203
Address1030 Cutter St., Cincinnati, OH
Seven Hills Neigborhood Houses Popular
Seven Hills Neigborhood Houses
2014/10/30 23:19  Submitter: mbeck (Article list) [ 3757hit ]
Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses is a one-stop social service agency offering a wide array of client-driven services to individuals, children, families, and seniors. Founded in 1961 with the merger of the West End's Findlay Street Neighborhood House and the East End's Riverview Neighbors House, Seven Hills has served individuals for 50 years. Mission Statement:  As a partner in the communities we serve, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our neighbors. The Vision: Seven Hills values...
Telephone number513-632-7111
ZIP code45214
Address1809 Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati, OH
The National Flag Co. Popular
The National Flag Co.
2014/10/30 23:32  Submitter: mbeck (Article list) [ 3814hit ]
National Flag is a full service flag company that not only serves the Greater Cincinnati region, but also flag dealers and corporate accounts nation-wide.  We are proud to introduce a totally redesigned web site which is dedicated to you, the customer, the lifeblood of our business and our flag family of fantastic employees.Established in 1869, we’ve been manufacturing top quality flags from “Old Glory” to unique custom products for over 140 YEARS.  Since the doors opened, National Flag h...
Telephone number513-721-0285
ZIP code45214
Address1819 Freeman Ave, Cincinnati, OH
1 - 5 ( total:5 )   
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