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mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:35
Goal #4 #1

Goal #4:

The West End Business District is inviting and open, and has thriving businesses that meet the needs of the community.

Action Steps

1. Create an inventory tool – that includes the following:

  • Existing WE businesses
  • Existing Queensgate businesses
  • Identify type of business
  • Identify business owner
  • Contact information for the business
  • Business size based on # of employees
  • Explanation of what each business does
  • Include where possible – home-based businesses 
  • Other organizations operating in the community

2. Connect business owners to other business owners (community related) on a regular basis to create business community – also ties to the creation of a WE Business Association

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:33
Goal #3 #2

Goal #3:

West End residents have the opportunity to own and operate their own businesses in the West End.

This includes expanding opportunities for businesses owned by African-American residents of the West End.

Action Steps

1. Connect with the right partner to do – small business/entrepreneurial service provider

2. Conduct vocal sessions – led by MORTAR to get more input from potential participants of small business classes/workshops

3. Develop marketing campaign/neighborhood activation strategy for businesses (coordinate with branding initiative led by the Housing Work Team)

4. Identify and secure space to deliver training

5. Identify space for “pop-up shop,”

6. Develop operations budget detailing start up and ongoing cost to implement small business resident program

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:32
Goal #2 #3

Goal #2:

The West End Business Association brings connectivity and a unified voice to business owners in the West End.

Action Steps

1. Understand what is required to establish a business association

2. Meet with other business association/alliance leaders

3. Gather templates of formation/sample bylaws

4. Define a mission and vision statement for the business association

5. Ongoing connectivity meetings take place throughout the process

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:31
Goal #1 #4

Goal #1:

The West End has a sustainable business retention and recruitment strategic plan for recruiting and supporting businesses that the community needs.

The plan would include recruitment strategies, recommendations for space use, and the types of businesses needed in the community.

Action Steps

1. Identify a consultant to work with the Seven Hills Neighborhood House to complete a market/ development plan for recruiting and supporting businesses that the community needs

2. Determine cost associated with the development of the plan - expect to spend $2,500 - $25,000

3. Identify funding sources

4. Form an Ad Hoc Business Committee to work with Consultant and CDC to ensure plan gets completed

5. Ad Hoc Business Committee with CDC will develop RFP for the scope of work to be completed

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:27
Goal #5 #5

Goal #5:

Keep it clean, and keep it going.

This includes finding ways for residents and visitors to the neighborhood to take care of their trash and not litter, and also to bring the community together for cleanups and to take care of the neighborhood.

Action Steps

1. Plan and share news of clean-ups and make them more fun for community members (residents, businesses, organizations, etc.) by pairing cleanup activities with parties, cook-outs, prizes, and giveaways and other incentives that encourage people to want to participate in clean-ups

  • Publicize events inside the neighborhood
  • Connect clean-up events with Engage Cincy activities
  • Conduct resident interviews to show their value and take photos
  • Work with local artists

2. Work with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and other partners to identify ways that they can help support community cleanups and promote recycling

3. Start a community-wide Adopt-A-Spot campaign in partnership with West End businesses and encourage all community partners and groups of residents to participate and adopt their own spot (with the goal of having the most Adopt-a-Spots in the City)

4. Create “clean street teams” and encourage residents to report violations using the City of Cincinnati mobile app (Fix it Cincy!) and get them addressed by the City or the property owner.

  • Residents can report issues like litter, tall grass, building maintenance issues and others property and building conditions to the City of Cincinnati. Issues are more likely to be addressed if they are reported.

5. Explore ways to increase accountability of residents (like enforcing laws and fines)

6. Take back small community spaces by making small improvements that increase the active use of those spaces (long term: add space amenities like gardens, benches, art and play structures such as slides where children could play)

7. Work with schools and youth programs in the West End to involve youth in keeping the neighborhood clean and provide them education on the health effects of litter and pollution, on how they can make changes, reduce littering, encourage recycling and provide them with simple how-to’s (like using the City of Cincinnati mobile app (Fix it Cincy!) to report issues, and then see them resolved)

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:22
Goal #8 #6

Goal #8: 

There are a variety of arts, culture, and agriculture activities and groups in the West End for everyone.

This means that everyone, from children to seniors, has opportunities to gather together in existing or new places in the West End to learn and grow.

Action Steps

1. Determine what people in the neighborhood are passionate about

2. Connect people to art, music, drama, urban gardening, and cultural exploration

  • Invite in professional performers, troupes, and clubs
  • Organize field trips for youth 
  • Use regular event series to grow different interests (e.g. athletics, music, drama, agriculture)

3. Encourage activities and interests that lead to mentor relationships and learning opportunities (e.g. etiquette and life skills)

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:21
Goal #7 #7

Goal #7: 

There are community-led, regular, sustainable events that bring the entire neighborhood together.

Action Steps

1. Organize a volunteer corps

  • Build a core leadership team to plan and coordinate

2. Survey residents on what events they are interested in

  • Distribute survey online and offline, incorporated with newsletter
  • Get feedback on what interests residents

3. Host events that bring the community together

  • Consider friendly competition (such as basketball), interactivity, a carnival/festival or block party, a jazz/blues concert, movie night, poetry night
  • Use event to reach people, build relationships, and build a neighborhood contact list
  • Incentivize attendance by giving out tokens at other groups or for volunteering, redeemable at future event

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:18
Goal #6 #8

Goal #6: 

The West End has a communication system in place to reach all residents in the neighborhood.

This includes finding ways for residents and visitors to the neighborhood to take care of their trash and not litter, and also to bring the community together for cleanups and to take care of the neighborhood.

Action Steps

1. Form a Communications Team

  • Develop a consistent message to unify all forms of communication
  • Build a resident contact list
  • Start to communicate using a variety of media formats, both online and offline
  • Create a regular newsletter for residents

2. Build relationships with other West End organizations and groups

  • Create an organization contact list, including churches, non-profits, large employers, councils and resident associations

3. Connect with other W.E. Speak Work Teams 

  • Find ways that the Community team can help other teams achieve their goals, and how other teams can help the Community team reach its goals

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:13
Goal #10 #9

Goal #10: 
West End residents are supported in overcoming barriers to finding and keeping employment.

This might include supports like connecting residents with internships, men’s support groups, or child care to address the barriers faced by residents, especially returning citizens and youth.

Action Steps

1. Create mentorship and support system for residents

  • Individuals who have overcome barriers share 
  • West End Work Coalition to help attack barriers

2. Hold workshops to build skills, self-esteem and work ethic

  • Resume building 
  • CPR training
  • Cooking classes
  • Communication skills
  • Sewing and art classes

3. Hold community events (cook-outs, block parties, etc.) to engage with residents

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:10
Goal #9 #10

Goal #9: 
The West End community knows what jobs are available in the West End, and knows the requirements needed to pursue them.

This includes identifying and developing relationships with businesses in the West End so that the community can understand business expectations and policies for hiring and recruitment.

Action Steps

1. Build relationships with West End businesses

  • Inventory businesses in the West End 
  • Go door-to-door
  • Create a pipeline connecting community members and businesses
  • Monthly newsletter

2. Create West End Work Coalition

  • Facebook page and Monthly newsletter
  • Computer lab and job hot line
  • Van and temp service
  • Determine costs and prioritize based on community needs

3. Hold job fairs and workshops

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