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mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:06
Goal #13 #11

Goal #13:
The quality of affordable units in the West End is upgraded.

This will ensure housing options at different price points. It will also include strategies that seek to maintain safe & clean housing that meets the needs of the both the occupant and the community-atlarge.

Action Steps

1. Communicate with the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), The Community Builders (TCB), and resident and tenant associations regarding the community’s wants and needs as well as current and/or future plans in the community for subsidized or affordable units

  • Strengthen/enforce CMHA’s Good Neighbor Agreement to address issues like unruly tenants allowing non-lease members to occupy their unit, leaving common doors unlocked, permitting illegal activity, exterior blight, etc.

2. Encourage tenant and homeowner education

3. Create partnerships with Model Management/Brickstone Properties, and other affordable housing providers in the community; obtain point-person for each to build strong communication/partnerships

4. Provide more assisted living units for seniors

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:02
Goal #14 #12

Goal #14:
The West End supports the expansion of homeownership in the neighborhood.

This might include strategies for helping current residents stay in and maintain their homes, helping current residents interested in transitioning from being renters to homeowners, and attracting new homeowners into the community (the resource idea and mentorship that was discussed).

Action Steps

1. Support professional capacity to achieve the community’s housing and branding goals to accomplish the following:

  • Rebrand community 
  • Extensively market community
  • Inventory housing units
  • Create/strengthen partnerships
  • Coordinate between neighborhood groups, stakeholders, etc.
  • Become the “face” of the community – to go to organization
  • Create/implement education classes on rehabbing, lending, Explore creating a community housing fund (a fund where the better off homeowners donate to the less fortunate)
  • Create a program from housing inventory that could be used for economy of scale renovations
  • Understand the committees’ true intent of its goals and not to stray (see goals)
  • Build and maintain an all-in-one website
  • Buy, rehab, sell or rent properties as feasible

2. Work with Community Land Co-Op to bring their vacant units online 

3. Connect/assist residents with CMHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency program (homeownership)

4. Find a project to apply for the city NOFA funding (gap funding)

5. Identify new infill construction opportunities

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 20:00
Goal #12 #13

Goal #12:
The condition of all West End properties is improved.

This would include strategies for how to deal with the large, structurally expensive properties to rehab and strategies to reduce the number of vacant and blighted land and buildings (new infill, parks, gardens etc.).

Action Steps

1. Become a Neighborhood Enhancement Program targeted neighborhood (goal: 2017)
2. Create a property map of ownership and use and a conditions assessment of all properties in the neighborhood
3. Create a Housing strategy – expansion of the housing team to be done after the map
4. Identify developable sites for infill
5. Work with developers to figure out how to get Bloom and Heberle properties into condos and market rate housing

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 19:59
Goal #11 #14

Goal #11:
The West End builds upon its rich history and is recognized as a great community in which to live, work, and play.

Great architecture, people, history, impact of I-75; when built, Laurel Homes was the place to live. We need to tell our story. We need to give people a reason to come to the West End to live. Center for Closing the Health Gap created a story board about the West End.


  • Museums (Union Terminal/Taft)
  • ArtsWave
  • Dayton Street Historic District
  • City of Cincinnati
  • University of Cincinnati Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP)
  • Land Bank
  • Local Initiatives Support
  • Corporation (LISC)
  • Cincinnati Development Fund
  • Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)
  • The Community Builders (TCB)
  • Resident and tenant associations
  • Model/Brickstone
  • West End Community Council
  • Small homebuilders
  • Developers for new infill
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hamilton County Home
  • Improvement Program (HIP)

Action Steps

1. Create documentary and videos to tell the story of the neighborhood
2. Get story boards from Center for Closing the Health Gap
3. Create events that bring people here
4. Build upon the Dayton Street housing tours – spring/summer 2017
5. Festival along Linn Street with Creative Placemaking – goal of 2017 when more storefronts are filled

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 19:53
Goal #15 #15

Goal #15:
The West End is one of the safest communities in Cincinnati.

This can be accomplished through a significant reduction in drug use and violent crime, securing vacant buildings, increasing youth involved in organized activities after school, and improving police/community relationships.

Safety is about people feeling safe. Perception of safety, regardless of reality, can often impact how safe a person feels and also how they interact within their community. People feel safer when they are connected with their community, when they have confidence in laws and policing, and when they are well informed, engaged in making their own choices, and confident in their own abilities and actions and being empowered.

Community safety influences all aspects of daily life: where we live, recreate, socialize, learn, work, and participate. ”It provides a foundation for our long term choices and decision-making processes at the individual, family, community and societal levels.”
(Dr Carolyn Whitzman, 2006, University of Melbourne)

We believe these safety recommendations provide an opportunity to coordinate community safety and crime prevention initiatives, identifying, prioritizing and addressing issues locally. The overall objective of these recommendations is “To have a connected, safe and empowered community, where people feel safe and are informed to make choices for their own safety and the safety of others.” 

Key priority areas would be identified and developed through research, community and local consultation, consistent with Cincinnati Police safety and crime prevention directions.


  • Cincinnati Police Department
  • Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)
  • The Community Builders (TCB)
  • TWG (The Whitsett Group)
  • Brickstone Properties
  • Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses
  • Local stores
  • Property owners
  • Community Building Institute
  • Sister Link Women’s Group
  • Local Schools
  • Neighborhood Churches

Action Steps

1. Create a West End Community Mediation Program/Process: a peer to peer mediation program that will serve adults, teens, and families

  • We will utilize the models and expertise provided by CBI and other successful models.

2. Improve police and community relations through intentional interactions

  • Through talks, safety sector meetings, interactive recreation, hiring hearings for community officers, etc.

3. Place cameras strategically throughout our community to improve safety through monitoring 

  • Partner with Police Department, organizations, and property owners to install cameras throughout the West End

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 19:44
Goal #18 #16

Goal #18:
The West End has the kind of parent and family support network that helps parents be the best for their children and themselves.

This includes providing good role models around co-parenting, healthy relationships, and a strong community support network of coaches, teachers, and others in the community who care about
and support children.

Action Steps

1. Expand initiatives similar to the Toyota Family Learning Center Program to more families and
more schools (have multiple groups meeting and encourage groups with children in the same

  • Use the existing web site to highlight successful parent stories

2. Create a Family Center at Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses

  • Center should have space for meetings, relaxing, be equipped with computers, family resources, access to the kitchen, and be a place for teaching and learning, and also socializing and networking
  • Host at least monthly events for families
  • Create things for parents to do WITH their children
  • Provide good co-parenting support and models of success

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 19:42
Goal #17 #17

Goal #17:
Children and their families in the West End have access to resources that help them be healthy, happy children.

This includes access to enough healthy food, awareness of appropriate sex education, and healthy relationships, and the emotional and social supports they need to grow up strong.

Action Steps

1. Create a life skills program for young people in the West End

  • The program will include training for middle schoolers, and as students accomplish training units and get older they will be eligible for employment with participating area businesses
  • Program should include critical thinking and problem solving in everything we do
  • Modules in the program would include health and wellness, healthy relationships, sex education, budgeting, cooking, life skills, computer gaming and coding
  • Program modules would be solicited from the skills of West End residents and community based organizations, and they would be ask to teach some of the modules
  • Field trips in and outside of the neighborhood would be included to expand the student’s world view and create relationships and networks

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2016/5/20 19:38
Goal #16 #18

Goal #16:
All children in the West End have access to all they need to improve their academic performance and excel in school.

Action Steps
1. Create a mentoring and tutoring program between West End schools to support the transition from middle school to high school

  • All student tutors would need to be trained
  • Tutoring should include problem solving and critical thinking skills

2. Encourage parent involvement with their children through power school and inviting direct participation with teachers and at schools (parents inviting parents)

3. Support any preschool initiative that meets the community’s goals in the West End to ensure all West End students have access to quality early childhood education

4. Promote and encourage use of free internet services to enhance access to academic support
services (i.e., Khan Academy)

  • Make access to computers to use for this tutoring available all throughout the neighborhood
  • Work with high school students to express the importance of these tests to long term success, raise expectation of our students


  • Local schools
  • Students
  • Parents
  • University of Cincinnati and Xavier students
  • Big brother-Big sister
  • West End Family Center (at Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses)
  • Urban League
  • Cincinnati-Hamilton County
  • Community Action Agency
  • CCY
  • Taft High School
  • West End businesses
  • West End residents who have been successful
  • West End parents
  • Lindner YMCA
  • Lincoln Recreation Center
  • Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses
  • Toyota
  • Library
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Cincinnati Job Corps

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2015/9/16 4:57
Education in West End #19

As you might have seen, there are quite few interesting things happening in West End in Education, among them:

West End students excel in Squash and earn Gold Status!

PIE teams up with Hays-Porter to develop STEAM Application

Hays-Porter receives Grant for a Robotics Club

Hays-Porter receives Grant for Raspberry Pi computers

What else needs to happen in West End?

Are you a teacher, a parent, or a student?

Let us know your views....

mbeck mbeck
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  • Posted on: 2015/9/2 10:28
Welcome to the Safety Discussion Forum. #20
Welcome to the Safety Discussion Forum.

Here you can post and discuss topics related to Safety

Safety Goals:

Goal #15: The West End is one of the safest communities in Cincinnati.

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