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Goal #6 #1

Goal #6: 

The West End has a communication system in place to reach all residents in the neighborhood.

This includes finding ways for residents and visitors to the neighborhood to take care of their trash and not litter, and also to bring the community together for cleanups and to take care of the neighborhood.

Action Steps

1. Form a Communications Team

  • Develop a consistent message to unify all forms of communication
  • Build a resident contact list
  • Start to communicate using a variety of media formats, both online and offline
  • Create a regular newsletter for residents

2. Build relationships with other West End organizations and groups

  • Create an organization contact list, including churches, non-profits, large employers, councils and resident associations

3. Connect with other W.E. Speak Work Teams 

  • Find ways that the Community team can help other teams achieve their goals, and how other teams can help the Community team reach its goals

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