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Goal #5 #1

Goal #5:

Keep it clean, and keep it going.

This includes finding ways for residents and visitors to the neighborhood to take care of their trash and not litter, and also to bring the community together for cleanups and to take care of the neighborhood.

Action Steps

1. Plan and share news of clean-ups and make them more fun for community members (residents, businesses, organizations, etc.) by pairing cleanup activities with parties, cook-outs, prizes, and giveaways and other incentives that encourage people to want to participate in clean-ups

  • Publicize events inside the neighborhood
  • Connect clean-up events with Engage Cincy activities
  • Conduct resident interviews to show their value and take photos
  • Work with local artists

2. Work with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and other partners to identify ways that they can help support community cleanups and promote recycling

3. Start a community-wide Adopt-A-Spot campaign in partnership with West End businesses and encourage all community partners and groups of residents to participate and adopt their own spot (with the goal of having the most Adopt-a-Spots in the City)

4. Create “clean street teams” and encourage residents to report violations using the City of Cincinnati mobile app (Fix it Cincy!) and get them addressed by the City or the property owner.

  • Residents can report issues like litter, tall grass, building maintenance issues and others property and building conditions to the City of Cincinnati. Issues are more likely to be addressed if they are reported.

5. Explore ways to increase accountability of residents (like enforcing laws and fines)

6. Take back small community spaces by making small improvements that increase the active use of those spaces (long term: add space amenities like gardens, benches, art and play structures such as slides where children could play)

7. Work with schools and youth programs in the West End to involve youth in keeping the neighborhood clean and provide them education on the health effects of litter and pollution, on how they can make changes, reduce littering, encourage recycling and provide them with simple how-to’s (like using the City of Cincinnati mobile app (Fix it Cincy!) to report issues, and then see them resolved)

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