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Goal #15 #1

Goal #15:
The West End is one of the safest communities in Cincinnati.

This can be accomplished through a significant reduction in drug use and violent crime, securing vacant buildings, increasing youth involved in organized activities after school, and improving police/community relationships.

Safety is about people feeling safe. Perception of safety, regardless of reality, can often impact how safe a person feels and also how they interact within their community. People feel safer when they are connected with their community, when they have confidence in laws and policing, and when they are well informed, engaged in making their own choices, and confident in their own abilities and actions and being empowered.

Community safety influences all aspects of daily life: where we live, recreate, socialize, learn, work, and participate. ”It provides a foundation for our long term choices and decision-making processes at the individual, family, community and societal levels.”
(Dr Carolyn Whitzman, 2006, University of Melbourne)

We believe these safety recommendations provide an opportunity to coordinate community safety and crime prevention initiatives, identifying, prioritizing and addressing issues locally. The overall objective of these recommendations is “To have a connected, safe and empowered community, where people feel safe and are informed to make choices for their own safety and the safety of others.” 

Key priority areas would be identified and developed through research, community and local consultation, consistent with Cincinnati Police safety and crime prevention directions.


  • Cincinnati Police Department
  • Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)
  • The Community Builders (TCB)
  • TWG (The Whitsett Group)
  • Brickstone Properties
  • Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses
  • Local stores
  • Property owners
  • Community Building Institute
  • Sister Link Women’s Group
  • Local Schools
  • Neighborhood Churches

Action Steps

1. Create a West End Community Mediation Program/Process: a peer to peer mediation program that will serve adults, teens, and families

  • We will utilize the models and expertise provided by CBI and other successful models.

2. Improve police and community relations through intentional interactions

  • Through talks, safety sector meetings, interactive recreation, hiring hearings for community officers, etc.

3. Place cameras strategically throughout our community to improve safety through monitoring 

  • Partner with Police Department, organizations, and property owners to install cameras throughout the West End
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