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Goal #14 #1

Goal #14:
The West End supports the expansion of homeownership in the neighborhood.

This might include strategies for helping current residents stay in and maintain their homes, helping current residents interested in transitioning from being renters to homeowners, and attracting new homeowners into the community (the resource idea and mentorship that was discussed).

Action Steps

1. Support professional capacity to achieve the community’s housing and branding goals to accomplish the following:

  • Rebrand community 
  • Extensively market community
  • Inventory housing units
  • Create/strengthen partnerships
  • Coordinate between neighborhood groups, stakeholders, etc.
  • Become the “face” of the community – to go to organization
  • Create/implement education classes on rehabbing, lending, Explore creating a community housing fund (a fund where the better off homeowners donate to the less fortunate)
  • Create a program from housing inventory that could be used for economy of scale renovations
  • Understand the committees’ true intent of its goals and not to stray (see goals)
  • Build and maintain an all-in-one website
  • Buy, rehab, sell or rent properties as feasible

2. Work with Community Land Co-Op to bring their vacant units online 

3. Connect/assist residents with CMHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency program (homeownership)

4. Find a project to apply for the city NOFA funding (gap funding)

5. Identify new infill construction opportunities

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