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Here is the current Signature Project and wish lists for the West End 2017 NEP

WE 2017 NEP Signature Projects List:

Grassy Island (Boulevard) on Linn Street (Street Calming options)

Gateway Signs (Historic) 

Dyer Field Permanent Bathrooms  (moved to wish list)

Business District
  Striped crosswalks (moved to wish list)
  Street Cleaning    (moved to wish list)
  Tree and flower plantings along Linn Street

Building Rehab and OTJ construction training

Community gathering place - Coffee shop w/CMHA

Rehab Regal Theatre

Create indoor/outdoor movie area

WE 2017 NEP Wish List:

4-Way stop at Dayton street intersection with Baymiller/Freeman/Colerain

Street calming on Dayton, Baymiller and Freeman and Colerain

Dumping on 1918,1922,1926 Freeman and Pink Alley behind them

Repave Charlotte Street between Baymiller and Pink Alley

Dumping on Pink Alley between York Street and Findlay

SideWalks in poor conditions in NEP area (e.g. 800 block of Dayton Street)

Installation of additional street lights in NEP area (e.g. 1100 Block of Garden street Western end near Winchell, Bank Street south side between Baymiller/Freeman)

Repaving streets
- 800 block Horace
- 800 block Dayton street
- North side 1100 block of Dayton Street (south half done years ago)
- Naeher Street (800 block to 1100 block)

Replace trees in vacant cut outs in NEP area Streets
Dayton Stree 800, 900, 1100 block (1121, 1130).

Uncover storm drain at the western end of 1100 block of Naeher Street that is covered with sediment

From NEP Signature project list:
Dyer field permanent bathrooms 
Business District
  Striped crosswalks 
  Street Cleaning   

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